Detaillierte Cast-/Crew-Ansicht

Darsteller Rollen-Galerie

John Phillip Law

Rollenname: Diabolik

Marisa Mell

Rollenname: Eva Kant

Michel Piccoli

Rollenname: Inspector Ginko

Adolfo Celi

Rollenname: Ralph Valmont

Claudio Gora

Rollenname: Police Chief

Mario Donen

Rollenname: Sergeant Danek

Renzo Palmer

Rollenname: Minister's Assistant

Caterina Boratto

Rollenname: Lady Clark

Lucia Modugno

Rollenname: Prostitute

Annie Gorassini

Rollenname: Rose

Carlo Croccolo

Rollenname: Lorry Driver

Lidia Biondi

als Lidia Biondi C.S.C.

Rollenname: Policewoman

Andrea Bosic

Rollenname: Bank Manager

Federico Boido

Rollenname: Joe - Valmont's Henchman

Tiberio Mitri

Rollenname: Valmont's Henchman

Giorgio Sciolette

Rollenname: Morgue Physician


als Terry Thomas

Rollenname: . Minister of the Interior / Minister of Finance

Lella Cattaneo

Rollenname: Party Guest (uncredited)

Massimo Ciprari

Rollenname: 2nd Diplomat (uncredited)

Franz Colangeli

Rollenname: Party Guest (uncredited)

Giulio Donnini

Rollenname: Dr. Vernier (uncredited)

Giuseppe Fazio

Rollenname: Tony (uncredited)

Giorgio Gennari

Rollenname: Rudy (uncredited)

Wolfgang Hillinger

Rollenname: Valmont's Henchman (uncredited)

Edward Febo Kelleng

Rollenname: Sir Harold Clark (uncredited)

Vezio Natili

Rollenname: Party Guest (uncredited)

Attilio Pelegatti

Rollenname: Man asking for Ginko (Uncredited)

Filippo Perego

Rollenname: Party Guest (uncredited)

Manlio Salvatori

Rollenname: Party Guest (uncredited)

Goffredo Unger

Rollenname: Diplomat (uncredited)


Mario Bava




Director of Photography (Kamera)

Mario Bava



Francesca Romana Coluzzi

Stunt Double: Marisa Mell

Second Unit-Regisseur(in)

Lamberto Bava

Assistant Director

Synchronstimme (deutsch)

Benno Hoffmann

Adolfo Celi (Ralph Valmont)

Heinz Spitzner

Giulio Donnini (Dr. Vernier (uncredited))

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