Detaillierte Cast-/Crew-Ansicht

Darsteller Rollen-Galerie

Arturo de Córdova

als Arturo De Cordova

Rollenname: Nick Duquesne

Irene Rich

Rollenname: Mrs. Rutledge Smith

John Alexander

Rollenname: Colonel McArdle

Joan Blair

Rollenname: Constance Vigil

Louis Armstrong

Rollenname: Louis Armstrong

Brooks Benedict

Rollenname: Croupier (uncredited)

Marion Martin

Rollenname: Blonde Cashier (uncredited)

Ralph Montgomery

Rollenname: Man in Audience (uncredited)

Jeffrey Sayre

Rollenname: Drunk (uncredited)

Bert Stevens

Rollenname: Man in Audience (uncredited)

Shelley Winters

Rollenname: Miss Holmbright (uncredited)



Louis Armstrong

Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans
Maryland, My Maryland
Where the Blues Were Born in New Orleans
Buddy Bolden's Blues
Farewell to Storyville
The Blues Are Brewin'

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