Detaillierte Cast-/Crew-Ansicht

Darsteller Rollen-Galerie

Chris Pratt

Rollenname: Owen Grady

Bryce Dallas Howard

Rollenname: Claire Dearing

Irrfan Khan

Rollenname: Simon Masrani

Vincent D'Onofrio

Rollenname: Hoskins

Ty Simpkins

Rollenname: Gray

Nick Robinson

Rollenname: Zach

Jake Johnson

Rollenname: Lowery

Omar Sy

Rollenname: Barry

BD Wong

Rollenname: Dr. Henry Wu

Judy Greer

Rollenname: Karen Mitchell

Lauren Lapkus

Rollenname: Vivian

Brian Tee

Rollenname: Hamada

Katie McGrath

Rollenname: Zara

Andy Buckley

Rollenname: Scott

Eric Edelstein

Rollenname: Paddock Supervisor

Courtney James Clark

als Courtney Clark

Rollenname: Mosasaurus Announcer

Colby Boothman

Rollenname: Young Raptor Handler

Jimmy Fallon

Rollenname: Jimmy Fallon

James DuMont

Rollenname: Hal Osterly

Matt Burke

als Matthew Burke

Rollenname: Jim Drucker

Anna Talakkottur

Rollenname: Erica Brand

Matty Cardarople

Rollenname: Gyrosphere Operator

Michael Papajohn

Rollenname: InGen Contractor

Kelly Washington

Rollenname: Zach's Girlfriend

Isaac Keys

Rollenname: Control Room Security Guard

Patrick Crowley

Rollenname: Flight Instructor

Chad Randall

Rollenname: InGen Soldier

Gary Weeks

Rollenname: Father of Three

Yvonne Angulo

als Yvonne Welch

Rollenname: Gabriella

Timothy Eulich

Rollenname: ACU Trooper

Kevin Foster

Rollenname: ACU Gunner

Brad Bird

Rollenname: Monorail Announcer

Colin Trevorrow

Rollenname: Mr. DNA (voice)

Jerome Andries

Rollenname: InGen Military (uncredited)

Chris Angerdina

Rollenname: Spectator (Uncredited)


Rollenname: Park Visitor (uncredited)

Nazeema Bartek

Rollenname: Monorail Tourist / Park Visitor (uncredited)

John R. Bennett II

Rollenname: Security Officer (Uncredited)

Jimmy Buffett

Rollenname: Running Park Visitor with Margarita Drinks (uncredited)

Svitlana Campbell

Rollenname: Arriving Upscale Guest / Fleeing Hotel Visitor / Park Guest waiting to board / Trapped Hotel Guest (uncredited)

Rebecca Chulew

Rollenname: Park Staff (Uncredited)

John C. Coffman

Rollenname: Upscale Park Visitor (Uncredited)

Emmanuel Dejesus

Rollenname: Park Goer (uncredited)

Eddie J. Fernandez

Rollenname: Paddock Worker (uncredited)

Tait Fletcher

Rollenname: InGen Soldier (uncredited)

Doug Gagnon

Rollenname: Upscale Park Visitor / Monorail Rider (All Uncredited)

Donna Guidry

Rollenname: Park Visitor (uncredited)

William E. Harris

Rollenname: Genetic Scientist (Uncredited)

Inder Kumar

Rollenname: Park Visitor (uncredited)

Cynthia LeBlanc

Rollenname: Park Vistor and Park Evacuee (uncredited)

Elton LeBlanc

Rollenname: Park Security & Park Evacuee (All Uncredited)

John R Mangus

Rollenname: Jurassic World Ranger (uncredited)

Claire McReynolds

Rollenname: Blonde Girl in Airport (Uncredited)

Jay Oliver

Rollenname: Park Visitor (Uncredited)

Alan D. Purwin

Rollenname: Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Philippe Radelet

Rollenname: Park Goer (Uncredited)

Mona Sishodia

Rollenname: Innovation Center Announcer (uncredited)

Bob Walker

Rollenname: Party Guest (Uncredited)

Jesse Yarborough

Rollenname: Park Visitor (uncredited)


Colin Trevorrow

(screenplay by)

Michael Crichton



Steven Spielberg

Executive Producer


Director of Photography (Kamera)


Keith Jardine

Stunt Performer

Vanessa Motta

(stunts) / (utility stunts)

Second Unit-Regisseur(in)

David Leitch

Second Unit Director: New Orleans



Jimmy Buffett

The Ever Elusive Future

Synchronstimme (deutsch)

Olaf Reichmann

Irrfan Khan (Simon Masrani)

Tanja Geke

Judy Greer (Karen Mitchell)

Torsten Sense

BD Wong (Dr. Henry Wu)

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