Detaillierte Cast-/Crew-Ansicht

Darsteller Rollen-Galerie

Bruce Willis

Rollenname: Paul Kersey

Vincent D'Onofrio

Rollenname: Frank Kersey

Elisabeth Shue

Rollenname: Lucy Kersey

Camila Morrone

Rollenname: Jordan Kersey

Dean Norris

Rollenname: Detective Rains

Beau Knapp

Rollenname: Knox

Kimberly Elise

Rollenname: Detective Jackson

Len Cariou

Rollenname: Ben

Jack Kesy

Rollenname: The Fish

Ronnie Gene Blevins

Rollenname: Joe

Kirby Bliss Blanton

Rollenname: Bethany

Andreas Apergis

Rollenname: Belligerent Dad

Wendy Crewson

Rollenname: Dr. Jill Klavens

Stephanie Janusauskas

Rollenname: Sophie

Jason Cavalier

Rollenname: Officer McCord

Luis Oliva

Rollenname: Miguel

Kwasi Songui

Rollenname: Police Reception

Kaniehtiio Horn

als Tiio Horn

Rollenname: Natasha

Kenny Wong

Rollenname: Witness

Lydia Zadel

Rollenname: Nurse Lydia

Stephen McHattie

als Steven McChattie

Rollenname: Chief of Detectives

Alain Chanoine

Rollenname: Well-Dressed Man

Melantha Blackthorne

Rollenname: Trauma Patient (uncredited)

Mike Epps

Rollenname: Dr. Chris Salgado (uncredited)

Furly Mac

Rollenname: Good Samaritan (uncredited)

Nathaly Thibault

Rollenname: Funeral Attendant (uncredited)



Director of Photography (Kamera)

Cutter (Schnitt)


Stéphane Julien

Stunt Performer / Stunts



Back in Black

Chief Keef

Love Sosa

Synchronstimme (deutsch)

Leonie Dubuc

Camila Morrone (Jordan Kersey)

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