Detaillierte Cast-/Crew-Ansicht

Darsteller Rollen-Galerie

Lady Gaga

Rollenname: Ally

Bradley Cooper

Rollenname: Jack

Sam Elliott

Rollenname: Bobby

Andrew Dice Clay

Rollenname: Lorenzo

Rafi Gavron

Rollenname: Rez Gavron

Anthony Ramos

Rollenname: Ramon

Dave Chappelle

Rollenname: George 'Noodles' Stone

Alec Baldwin

Rollenname: Himself

Ron Rifkin

Rollenname: Carl

Barry Shabaka Henley

Rollenname: Little Feet

Michael D. Roberts

Rollenname: Matty

Rebecca Field

Rollenname: Gail

Willam Belli

Rollenname: Emerald

Greg Grunberg

Rollenname: Phil (Jack's Driver)

D.J. 'Shangela' Pierce

als D.J. Shangela Pierce

Rollenname: Drag Bar Emcee

Eddie Griffin

Rollenname: Pastor

Drena De Niro

Rollenname: Paulette Stone

Leandro De Niro Rodriguez

Rollenname: Leo Stone


als Ashley Frangipane

Rollenname: Music Awards Presenter


Rollenname: Cashier

Charlotte Xia

Rollenname: Ally's Fan (uncredited)


William A. Wellman

als William Wellman

(based on a story by)


Bradley Cooper



Bradley Cooper

Additional Music

Director of Photography (Kamera)

Cutter (Schnitt)


Bradley Cooper

Performer :
"Black Eyes"
Maybe it's Time"
"Too far gone"
"Diggin' my Grave"
"Music to my Eyes"
"Butler @ Studio A"
"I don't know what Love is"
"I'll never Love again"
"Out of Time"
Producer :
"Black Eyes"
"Maybe it's Time"
"Too far gone"
"Oh, pretty Woman"
"Out of Time"
Writer :
"Black Eyes"
Too far gone"
"Butler @ Studio A"
"Out of Time"

Jason Isbell

Writer :
"Maybe it's Time"

Synchronstimme (deutsch)

Florian Halm

Dave Chappelle (George 'Noodles' Stone)

Torben Liebrecht

Greg Grunberg (Phil (Jack's Driver))

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